How slavery replaced indentured servitude essay

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American Colonies Essay

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Indentured Servants

By aboutthe British colonies had practically replaced indentured servitude with black slavery. What factor(s) caused this to happen?

A) The British could look to their established precedent of slavery in the Caribbean as an example. As time passed, indentured servitude was i American History Essay Help. As time passed, indentured servitude was increasingly replaced by African American slavery, mainly because A. slaves were cheaper.

B. African slaves worked harder. C. economic conditions in England improved. Colonial masters first adopted the institution of indentured servitude rather than slavery for labor; African slaves were very expensive and indentured servants needed employment.

African slavery soon replaced indentured servants from Bacon’s rebellion and less trouble that they caused. Briefly stated, this essay contends that the usual answer, which stressed the superior profitability of slaves, is not satisfactory.

Chesapeake planters did not abandon indentured servitude because they preferred slaves; rather, a decline in the traditional labor supply forced planters to recruit workers from new sources, principally but not. Despite the complete lack of a slave tradition in mother England, slavery gradually replaced indentured servitude as the chief means for plantation labor in the Old South.

Virginia would become the first British colony to legally establish slavery in Although it was permanent servitude, slavery in the 17th century Chesapeake was not like slavery as it later developed and in some ways, was difficult to distinguish from indentured servitude.

How slavery replaced indentured servitude essay
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