Essay leisure basis culture

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Pieper's Leisure - The Basis of Culture

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He begins by asking whether the realm of leisure can be saved by an appeal to humanism, which is, he says, an appeal to a humanum. His conclusion, to those of us who Believe, is probably not all that surprising: No, it cannot. Man, isolated from God and religion, is.

Leisure - the Basis of Culture Pieper's message for us is plain. The idolatry of the machine, the worship of mindless know-how, the infantile cult of youth and the common mind-all this points to our peculiar leadership in the drift toward the slave society.5/5(12).

Pieper's Leisure - The Basis of Culture In his own work “The Basis of Culture” Pieper defines the leisure as the time where is no activity which is independent of the place. It is a time when things are allowed to go in order and to find the inner peace in soul.

Essay leisure basis culture
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Leisure: The Basis of Culture - Josef Pieper - Google Books