Decentralisation of retailing essay

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Retail Performance Management in the Luxury Industry

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Findings – The traditional UK high street as an investment class has been challenged by the decentralisation of retailing and new retail forms over the last 30 years.

Outline the characteristics of one out-of-town shopping centre retailing area that you have studied (8 marks) / 5 Geography Case Study Out of Town Shopping Centres. Executive Summary. Reprint: RJ. At first glance, China, which is known for large, often inefficient state-owned enterprises, might appear an unlikely source of fresh management thinking.

In future, they could be used everywhere – from banks and retail stores to pension plans and capital markets. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly redefining capital and money markets.


According to Stark, cryptocurrencies could be the new norm in the near future as far as medium of exchange is concerned. Retailing is one of the most important sectors in all developed economies and retail property i.e.

shops and shopping centres, constitute an important part of a country’s built environment (Boucke, ). This is because, as seen in Manchester, if the decentralisation is managed efficiently and the positive impacts outweigh the negative impacts, the decentralisation of retailing and other services can have a neutral impact on urban areas.

Decentralisation of retailing essay
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